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Hello, dear Gentleman. Welcome! I am happy, that you found me. You are on a Business-Trip in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, or anywhere else in Germany? You are searching for an escort to have a lovely evening? Or are you living here and feel the need to experience some wonderful hours with a stunning date? Having fun together, chat a little, or doing just the opposite: not talk. Relaxing, let the bodies take control…   Seeking for a flirt? A little adventure? So here you are right. This is, what we can live to see together. We can have a drink at the bar to get warm a little, or we can have a dinner to start our evening. And afterwards… You can see if you are able to bed me. Sure you are, if you are a real gentleman, sensual, a connoisseur, and if you are humorous. I kiva that. As every lady does.   Did you get curious about me? Great! So simply call me or write me an email.   Yours Elouise  

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A Christmas-Gift of that special kind has been given to me by the members of the Escort-Forum “MC-Escort”. I’ve been voted to one of the best Independent Escort Ladies in 2014, on second place. I am very proud of this award und very very thankful for receiving it. By the way, a little hint: I am offering a Thank-you-Special. Interesting for those, who don’t focus Stuttgart as their travel destination. I take my traveling costs myself. See here for the conditions.  

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You’re done with a long day of hard work, or even a long phase of hard working days? Time for a reward. Therefore I love to take over the organisation of our wellness event. For one night or even two, the rules of this event are simple: enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It’s about relaxation for the body, it’s about a lot of water, massages, warmth, and cold. It’s about a prickling aperitif, fine culinary delights for tongue and senses, from strawberries and champaign to a delicious multi course menu. Sooth your soul, together with me, laughing, philandering, little touches and hot promises, held at the right time. Waking up together and welcoming the morning. A bracing breakfast after a long night… These are only a few impressions, how it could feel, such an event of pure wellness with me. But imagination knows no bounds.   See here some places, where we could enjoy our wellness event: SI Centrum | Stuttgart Le Méridien | Stuttgart Wellnesshotel Lauterbad | Freudenstadt   But not only Stuttgart is the right place to enjoy wonderful hours…

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Today it’s not about a great hotel with a marvellous SPA. No, today it’s about sex. The many varieties that bring us our phantasy, sometimes need a little more space a space with some specific equipment. Do you have appetite? To spend one night of dreams in a love nest, that is especially created for enjoying love games of all kind? I have. Take a look at that: our Dream-Night. Outdoor sex is not my favourite. But I see situations, that make me feel good about not being alone during having fun. For example in this case: Exclusive Parties or one night in a real Castle, having fun with likeminded people, people loving erotism. Perhaps a little Holiday of the special kind? So now, do you have appetite?

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C’est dur la culture. But not with me. We make a very personal agreement. We participate a cultural event, whether in Stuttgart or otherwhere, where a great event happens. I am wearing exactly what you want me to wear. Naturally, at least superficially, adequate to the occasion and the ambience. And now we enter into the world of culture. And we flirt with each other. We enjoy the impressions, the atmosphere, and the cultural offer. And meanwhile we feel these butterflies in our stomaches. My body is hyped up. Because only both of us know… What do you think, how long can we take the heat?   And will we be able to make it to the hotel? Here also, I love to organise the evening, from the event to the hotel. Many lovely options… This needs a lot of reliance. So I would like to know you before we do such a thrilling thing.

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And last but not least, an arrangement on the long-term. As lovely each particular rendezvous may be, sometimes, just as we meet regularly, there may be the feeling, that this envelope, each time we meet, does derange us a little. Furthermore, perhaps our focus doesn’t remain on the intimate part of our liaison. Also the conversation, also the shared dinner or undertakings of any other kind wants to be celebrated, from time to time, without this Escort-feeling between us. In this case, we can find an arrangement, that gives us more space. We think about how often and how intense we will meet each other in one month. For this agreement we define a certain amount. This amount will lie under the normal rates for individual meetings. Please consider, that I will only agree to such an arrangement, when our spent time is in excess of the standard and when we do fit extremely well, in any spheres of being together.  

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I’d like you to enjoy the time, we spend together to the full. I want you to feel absolutely happy afterwards. Happy, free, and tired. My wish is, that you are doing fine. When we meet, when we write each other an eMail, when we have a little conversation on the phone and anytime in-between. No matter how often we meet. Only one time or more often. You will realize, that our rendezvous is something special. This is your trip in a world full of freedom, pleasure, and passion. Only fun, no pressure. I love to let myself go when you are close to me. I’d like to loose my head in our amorous hours. The mind may take a rest. Now it’s time for our bodies to talk.

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I love to betake myself to our rendezvous in a nice dress, in a skirt and a tender blouse, with beautiful or sexy lingerie – or perhaps without any lingerie – but on high heels. Our rendezvouz for some lustful, passionate hours, with almost no tabus. Dive into a world without social restrictions. Only you and me. Preparing our beautiful hours in togetherness, I follow a proper ritual, that takes a little amount of time, but also this preparing ritual is a true pleasure for me. I only meet men I like. So I am able to let my passion run wilde, beginning with a first tender kiss or even hot kisses in the beginning of our little tête-à-tête. To touch skin is something really wonderful. From the most tender running of my fingers through your hair up to an oily and devoted Tantra or body to body Massage. All these things are a real pleasure for me. That’s why I am very happy, to be an escort lady. Independent, naturally, because I want to select my gentlemen. It is a…

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The Pisces Woman is changeable like a Chameleon. That’s what is said about her. In my case, it is true. I did a little research on the internet and found a funny and partly very fitting description. “She has a natural dramatic talent. You can rely on her, behaving correctly, saying the right things and creating the right atmosphere. And her willingness to be pleasant, lets her say “no” seldom. She behaves without restraint and she loves the many variations of the erotic games. She doesn’t need much to get lustful. A porn or a book about sex lets her lose her wind. When her phantasies match the ones of her partner, the action can become really stormy. Than she gets so deep into her erotic passion, she nearly can’t stop again. The Pisces woman works wonders with her tongue. More then other women she appreciates a terga. Some of her clothes excite her as much as her lover, Nylons, Gloves or a nice shelf-bra…” Source:

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