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And last but not least, an arrangement on the long-term. As lovely each particular rendezvous may be, sometimes, just as we meet regularly, there may be the feeling, that this envelope, each time we meet, does derange us a little. Furthermore, perhaps our focus doesn’t remain on the intimate part of our liaison. Also the conversation, also the shared dinner or undertakings of any other kind wants to be celebrated, from time to time, without this Escort-feeling between us. In this case, we can find an arrangement, that gives us more space. We think about how often and how intense we will meet each other in one month. For this agreement we define a certain amount. This amount will lie under the normal rates for individual meetings. Please consider, that I will only agree to such an arrangement, when our spent time is in excess of the standard and when we do fit extremely well, in any spheres of being together.  

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