Culture with that “je ne sais quoi”

C’est dur la culture.

But not with me. We make a very personal agreement. We participate a cultural event, whether in Stuttgart or otherwhere, where a great event happens.

I am wearing exactly what you want me to wear. Naturally, at least superficially, adequate to the occasion and the ambience.

And now we enter into the world of culture. And we flirt with each other. We enjoy the impressions, the atmosphere, and the cultural offer. And meanwhile we feel these butterflies in our stomaches. My body is hyped up. Because only both of us know…

What do you think, how long can we take the heat?   And will we be able to make it to the hotel?

Here also, I love to organise the evening, from the event to the hotel. Many lovely options…

This needs a lot of reliance. So I would like to know you before we do such a thrilling thing.