Elouise and Happiness

I love to betake myself to our rendezvous in a nice dress, in a skirt and a tender blouse, with beautiful or sexy lingerie – or perhaps without any lingerie – but on high heels.

Our rendezvouz for some lustful, passionate hours, with almost no tabus. Dive into a world without social restrictions. Only you and me.

Preparing our beautiful hours in togetherness, I follow a proper ritual, that takes a little amount of time, but also this preparing ritual is a true pleasure for me.

I only meet men I like. So I am able to let my passion run wilde, beginning with a first tender kiss or even hot kisses in the beginning of our little tête-à-tête. To touch skin is something really wonderful. From the most tender running of my fingers through your hair up to an oily and devoted Tantra or body to body Massage. All these things are a real pleasure for me.

That’s why I am very happy, to be an escort lady. Independent, naturally, because I want to select my gentlemen. It is a very personal matter, between me and you.