Elouise and Passion

The Pisces Woman is changeable like a Chameleon. That’s what is said about her.
In my case, it is true. I did a little research on the internet and found a funny and partly very fitting description.

“She has a natural dramatic talent. You can rely on her, behaving correctly, saying the right things and creating the right atmosphere. And her willingness to be pleasant, lets her say “no” seldom.
She behaves without restraint and she loves the many variations of the erotic games. She doesn’t need much to get lustful. A porn or a book about sex lets her lose her wind.

When her phantasies match the ones of her partner, the action can become really stormy.

Than she gets so deep into her erotic passion, she nearly can’t stop again. The Pisces woman works wonders with her tongue. More then other women she appreciates a terga. Some of her clothes excite her as much as her lover, Nylons, Gloves or a nice shelf-bra…”

Source: http://natune.net/sternzeichen/fische/frau-sex