Hello, dear Gentleman.

I am happy, that you found me.

You are on a Business-Trip in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, or anywhere else in Germany? You are searching for an escort to have a lovely evening?
Or are you living here and feel the need to experience some wonderful hours with a stunning date?

Having fun together, chat a little, or doing just the opposite: not talk. Relaxing, let the bodies take control…


Seeking for a flirt? A little adventure? So here you are right. This is, what we can live to see together.

We can have a drink at the bar to get warm a little, or we can have a dinner to start our evening. And afterwards… You can see if you are able to bed me.

Sure you are, if you are a real gentleman, sensual, a connoisseur, and if you are humorous. I kiva that. As every lady does.


Did you get curious about me?

Great! So simply call me or write me an email.